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Content Creator & Photographer
Aug 2022 - May 2023
During my senior year at Simpson College, I worked closely with the Director of Athletic Communications as a Content Creator. The responsibilities of my role included creating video content, both short and long form, photographing events and editing, creating graphics to be displayed on the video board, as well as other small projects.

With this position, my goal was to educate the community on what Simpson Athletics offers with engaging content. Through my projects, I was able to educate and excite the public on what Simpson Athletics was up to.

Rewriting the Narrative

Check out one of my most recent projects!

Written, filmed, directed, and edited by yours truly, this is a short documentary that covers the inspiring story of one of the first new men’s gymnastics teams in over 60 years. 


Men’s gymnastics, specifically at the collegiate level, has been dying for decades until recently. With Simpson College and Greenville University adding teams, they have started to inspire other colleges to start the process and give hope to the gymnastics community.


Keep It Classy!

One of my first projects with Simpson Athletics was creating a video to be displayed before each game on the video board to educate the spectators on the ARC rules and regulations and what constitutes sportsmanship-like conduct.

Pose for the Camera

One of my responsibilities was assisting the Director of Athletic Communications with media day pictures to be used in graphics, social media, and other smaller projects. I was responsible for all “pose” photos, including photographing, editing, and retouching if necessary. Overall, I captured 10 different teams' media photos. 

Home Turf

Another one of my projects was highlighting the highly anticipated turf renovation for both the baseball and softball fields. They were posted across social media accounts and featured on the Simpson Athletics website to showcase their facilities.

American Junior Golf Association

Communications Intern
2022 Summer
During the summer of 2022, I spent three months traveling across the Southeast region of the United States for the American Junior Golf Association, helping run the communication efforts for 13 tournaments. 
The responsibilities of my role included creating social media content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, photographing the AJGA players, shooting video content for short and long-form content, writing articles, and ensuring the communication efforts were in line with the AJGA's mission. 


These are just a few of the pictures I took over the course of my internship. These pictures were used to create Facebook albums that AJGA juniors and their families could access and download the pictures to use. They were also used on social media, in articles, and logged into an online database for future use.